I love attending wedding showers and baby showers.

Two days ago, I took part in a wedding shower for a young lady who attends our church. It made me think about how much I enjoy wedding showers and baby showers. I like watching the future mom or bride opening the gifts, especially the gift that I brought. I enjoy shopping for the gift. I remember my own wedding shower and baby shower. In our church, giving a shower is one of the women’s ministries. I have been part of putting a couple of them on. I think it is a ministry to young couples starting out.

A cynic may say that mass gift giving events, such as weddings, graduation parties, wedding and baby showers,  are an example of rampant consumerism.

When I was younger, I used to go to Tupperware, Stampin’ Up, pampered chef, etc., parties. (I haven’t been to one of them in over 8 years due, in part, to operating the Cleaver College Taxi Service.) They were a kind of social event (with opportunity to buy for yourself).

I would much rather go to a wedding or baby shower and spend the same amount of money. It is a way of sowing kindness into the life of others.

2 thoughts on “Showers

  1. I love going to bridal showers and baby showers too! I can’t complain because there’s usually always lots of food around! It’s always fun to see people opening their gifts. Only women would get excited seeing someone receive pots and pans…haha!

  2. Yes! And colanders and dish drainers. My husband asked me what I gave the last time….I said I gave her a nice colander and a spaghetti grabber. He said, “A colander. What’s that?”

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