Don’t Waste The Rest of Your Life

When I am asked what I am going to do with my retirement savings, I usually say I plan to live in poverty. By the time I retire, I will have saved enough to either pay for a few operations or a motor home. I have at least ten years to go until retirement, if the Lord wills.

I have spent myself in the work of raising my children. It was a worthy endeavor. Now that my children are grown, I don’t want to waste the rest of my life.

This video by John Piper speaks directly to that.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Waste The Rest of Your Life

    • I think raising special needs children is about as far from as wasting your life as possible. We need down times, times of relaxing, and times where there is some margin in our lives in order to function from day to day. But as my kids are leaving the nest, I find myself with time do to more stuff. Many people think about retirement as the reward for hard work on this planet. Fun stuff can still be ministry based.

  1. you are speaking wisdom. Thank-you. At age 44 I find that some dreams are dying away, retirement is one of them. may The Lord Bless you and use you. ( Me too)

    • He speaks a very powerful message. May God use you as well.

      My folks retired to Florida to a little tiny trailer. But God has used them in their church, ministering to the lonely, sick and disabled in their community. May I be like them.

  2. Thanks for sharing and passing by my blog. I hope I will share this message with my mom and dad who are in their eighties are probably more productive than hundreds of youth from my village who are wasting their lives “chasing the wind.”
    You might have noticed in my blog if the picture showed up, my mom planting peanuts with my kids – she has a choice to be looked after by her nine kids she raised but she still provides a lot for herself.
    About twenty or so years ago my dad retired from the civil service as a vet and he had the that wasting time notion that he just going to sit back, enjoy his last days and die but thank God he realized that he probably had more “life” and time while out of civil service than he ever imagined. My father has been instrumental in helping us his four sons each have his own tree plantation and acquire more land than what we had before and getting it surveyed and fenced. He supervises work and dad also provides firewood from his plantations to a lot of families and institutions in our community, something he could not have done had he just retired.
    I do not know when father Abraham retired.

    • Thank you for your comments. I hope to do as my parents have done as well. My father finally retired from his second job last year (10 hours a week at the local school.) He is 82. My mother is 78. My mother is now suffering from a debilitating neurological disorder. We are planning to have them move back to Michigan so we can care for them. Nevertheless, it is amazing what my mother is still doing for others, as well as my Dad.

  3. I read John’s book by the same title a few years ago. What he had to say completely changed my goals for “retirement.” A few missions trips to Nicaragua wrecked most of the rest of my materialistic endeavors.

    Yeah, I don’t want to be standing before the throne of King Jesus and say, “What did I do? Well, look at my pretty shells.”

    Thanks for sharing this video.


      • Mmm. Me too. After reading that book and considering what he had to say, I sold my extensive collection of beads and beading supplies. I can do that forever. I can’t share the love of Jesus with an unbeliever forever. I can do a lot of talking in the four hours it took to make a pair of earrings! šŸ˜‰

        May the Lord bless you and bring a great harvest from your labor for Him.

        Yours in Christ,

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