A Fish Story

My husband, Rick, likes to go fishing with me, so it is one of our summer dates. We usually catch enough over the course of the summer to have a fish fry in October. We freeze what we catch in salt water.

Our success at fishing has a lot to with our investment in the sport, in terms of knowledge and equipment. We have fishing poles and tackle, and we fish from shore with worms. We don’t have a boat, and we have never caught a fish with fake bait, despite our amateurish efforts. Sometimes I think that we go fishing just to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and relax with the sound of water flowing by and the wind in the trees.

Rick usually catches the bigger fish, such as bass, and I usually catch a lot of sunfish. I think he is more patient than I am. Near the end of one summer, I was grousing Friday night about not ever catching any big fish. We got up early the next morning to go fishing at the Flat River in Lowell. Rick told me on the way that he was praying that I would catch a big fish.

The fishing at the Flat river was slow. We pulled in a few small sunfish, but toward the end, I caught a two-foot Red Horse Sucker. I said to him, “Here is my big fish.” He responded, “I prayed that you would catch a bass.”

We decided then to pack up our gear and head over to Wabasis Lake. From the shore, we caught some more sunfish. We had used up most of our bait and it was hot, so we decided that we were going to go home. I decided to cast out one more time. As I did, I thought, “Well, I guess God is not going to answer that prayer.”

As I began to reel the line in a big fish hit my last scrap a worm. “It’s a bass. I think I have a bass on my line.” I successfully brought it to shore, and we added it to our cooler filled with sunfish.

This answer to a small prayer was an encouragement to my husband, and it seemed a rebuke to me. But in my heart God reminded me, that his goal was to make me a fisher for souls. I thought about that incident when urged to invite others to a Bible study that fall.

One thought on “A Fish Story

  1. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting HaroWritingOutLoud! I read your article and loved it and by the way that picture of the flowers is absolutely gorgeous! Harolene

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