Take the scenic route

I have been making lists about ways to sow seeds of faith, love, kindness, mercy, etc., in the lives of others. There are so many opportunities, but I think it is important that we make careful choices about regular commitments, so that there is energy for the spur of the moment kindnesses to occur.

Jeff Goins has been writing on the subject of slowing down, smell the roses, enjoy the present, savor the wait.

Three Reasons You Need to Slow Down

When my kids were young this seemed impossible. But even as they are transitioning to their own lives, I have to be careful not to sign up for too much, even the fun things. We all need some margin in our lives.

I recommend his new book, The In-Between.

Do You Feel Stuck in the In-Between?

Enjoy what happens between the events we put in our scrapbooks.

Your Thoughts are important

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