Endless Loss

The lyrics of the song, “Blessed Redeemer” often appear in Christian hymnbooks. I love this arrangement of the song as sung by the Christian band, Casting Crowns, because it brings focus to the meaning of the words.

Lately I have been thinking about how this song presents the motivation of our Lord: “That He might save them from endless loss.”

Endless. Loss.

Our friends and family who don’t know the Lord are facing a Christless eternity. May we pray for them more fervently. May we proclaim the good news boldly. May the Lord give us compassionate eyes to see the true condition of those who wander without a shepherd.

The cross demonstrates God’s mercy.

Blessed Redeemer

Up Calvary’s mountain one dreadful morn
Walked Christ my Savior, weary and worn
Facing for sinners, death on the cross
That He might save them from endless loss


Blessed Redeemer, precious Redeemer
Seems now I see Him on Calvary’s tree
Wounded and bleeding, for sinners pleading
Blind and unheeding, dying for me

“Father, forgive them,” my Savior prayed
Even while His lifeblood flowed fast away
Praying for sinners while in such woe
No one but Jesus ever loved so

Oh, how I love Him, Savior and Friend
How can my praises ever find end?
Through years unnumbered on Heaven’s shore
My songs shall praise Him forevermore

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