A Memorable Christmas

Do you remember a Christmas that stands out in your memory? I was thinking about this question and this one came to mind.

Christmas 1995 was very stressful for our family.

In November, my husband, Rick, found out the plant he worked at would be closing on March 1, 1996. He was upset and worried. We severely limited our spending that year for Christmas.

The week before Christmas break, all three kids and Rick came down with influenza. My son John ran a temperature of 104 to 105 for five days. The girls had 101-102 temperatures for seven days. I can’t remember what Rick’s temperature was, but he did come down with pneumonia as a complication.

I had to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen every three hours for John, or he would spike a high fever. So I had to set my alarm every three hours through the night for five days to make sure I didn’t miss a dose. (This was per Doctor’s instructions). With the Tylenol/Ibuprofen, his temperature was 101-102.

I didn’t want to be running up and down the stairs to take care of the kids, so I spread out couch cushions and air mattresses in front of the Christmas tree in the living room.

On Thursday, Ms. Carson, my daughter’s preschool teacher, came by to drop off the kids’ gifts from the Christmas parties they had missed at school. She was shocked when I opened the door to see all three kids lying on the air mattresses and couch cushions on the floor. “They have the flu,” I said, “I’d invite you in, but you don’t want this.”

That Christmas was stressful. But blessings came as well.

Our pastor at the time brought $150.00 to pay our electric bill. He said, “Someone must love you very much.”

Members of our church brought meals and placed them outside our door. They prayed for us as well.

I, myself, did not get the flu, so I was able to take care of everyone who was sick. An Amazing blessing, since I was so tired from taking care of four very ill people.

(This event in our lives is the reason that everyone in our family gets the flu shot every year.)


Do you have a memorable Christmas?

3 thoughts on “A Memorable Christmas

  1. Cindy what a great story of what can really make for a wonderful Christmas. Also thanks for visiting hisnamebpraised and liking the post. Blessings to you and all the cynics who will be changed by coming to your post. Doug

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