Snowing Mercy

Just a short blog post today.

Michigan has been experiencing a brutal winter, for us. Several days of windchills at around -20, excessive snow (even for West Michigan), and an ice storm during Christmas week.

Last night my husband’s car had a flat tire on 28th street. The tire was ruined, the rim was wrecked. He managed to pull into a gas station off the road to change the tire. When he jacked up the car (a heavy old model Cadillac), the jack broke. A young man in truck saw what happened, got his jack out and helped my husband change the tire.

So many opportunities to sow mercy into the life of others during this severe weather.

  • Check on your elderly neighbors
  • Shovel or use your snowblower to help neighbors who would have a difficult time taking care of the job themselves.
  • Shovel out the fire hydrants on your block
  • Offer hot chocolate to your mail man or other people who work outside in this bitter cold
  • Shovel out a bus stop. Yesterday, I saw several people standing on top of huge (6-8 feet) snow banks waiting for the bus.
  • In Atlanta, I heard about Home Depot allowing people to sleep in their chairs.

Do you have any to add to the list? I would love to hear your stories

2 thoughts on “Snowing Mercy

    • Thanks Anna. God presents us with many opportunities to sow mercy into the lives of others. I grew hearing that you reap what you sow in the most negative way. But you also frequently reap what you sow in positive ways.

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