Thanks, Mom

Thanks, Mom.

For teaching me the enjoyment of singing. We sang in the car on the way to church, on long trips, and while doing the dishes. We sang in four part harmony old gospel songs and newer songs. Thanks, Mom.

For making the best homemade bread in the world. Once a week, almost every week. When we came home from school, the house would be filled with the glorious aroma of fresh homemade bread. You always had soft butter, jam, and peanut butter set out. My sister, brothers, and I would devour a fresh loaf or two, and fight over the heels. Sometimes you fried dough dodgers out of the leftover dough. Thanks, Mom.


For telling me how much you appreciated and loved my husband. And treating him well. And for telling Dad not to tease me about him when I brought him home to meet him. You were in Florida at the time, and you didn’t want to scare away that Godly man. Thanks, Mom.

For demonstrating a love of reading. You always had a pile of books by your chair. You invested in a set of encyclopedias (which I read from A to Z), and the Norton Anthology of English Literature (which started me on the journey of a life-long love of literature). For encouraging us to go to the library. Thanks, Mom

For putting on a wonderful wedding. I know you must have been exhausted by the time it was done. For preparing both the rehearsal dinner and the reception dinner, along with women from our church. For decorating the wedding cake and the church. I helped, but you used your talents and skills to direct a wonderful wedding. Thanks, Mom.


For taking us to church and for choosing a church with sound doctrine, excellent teaching, and a good youth group. For praying for me, especially during the time when I struggled the most when I was away at college. Thanks, Mom.

For going to every parent-teacher’s conference, and every choir concert. For standing strong on the importance of education. Thanks, Mom.

For educating yourself about autism. For believing that it was a real and significant issue in our lives, because others did not. For bragging on our kids, for supporting them, for praying for them. Thanks, Mom.

For showing me that it’s never too late to start something new. At around 40, you took a painting class, and have been painting pictures, cards, for the last 40 years. Your paintings are hanging on my walls. Thanks, Mom.

For demonstrating love in action at your church in Florida, visiting the sick, preparing meals, buying gifts for orphans, singing in the choir. You once told me that you took your crocheting with you when visiting someone who was sick because it communicated that you weren’t in a hurry to leave.  Thanks, Mom.

For playing games with us when we were little. For staying home to care for us. For caring whether we succeeded in life or not. For insisting that we did our homework. For long telephone calls and encouragement as I established my own household with my husband and kids. For innumerable things that have influenced my life. Thanks, Mom.

I can never thank you enough. I love you.

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