A Blessing

A couple of nights ago, I read a blog post on the elegance of bad poetry.* And it reminded me of an awful wonderful poem written by our friend, Pat Anton. Pat and Chris Anton were the master and mistress of ceremonies at our wedding. When Rick came to Grand Rapids from Lafayette, Indiana, to attend electronics school, he had nothing to his name. The Antons, along with many other people from Bethany Bible Church took him in, and were family to him. He became a Christian at Bethany.

At our wedding reception, Chris Anton read Pat’s poem to everyone:

It’s a Special Day, You’ll all agree
One we thought we’d never see.

The day that Rick would beam and glow
To be the hit of this particular show.

We all remember, if we take the time
When Rick appeared without a dime.

He became something special to everyone
We shared his laughter, his trials and fun.

We tried to help him in every way
Watching him grow, day by day.

And grow he did in his spiritual life
But he was always looking for a wife.

But God had someone hid away
And Rick had to wait day after day.

I want to do something with my life
Pastor suggested Word of Life.

Pat agreed —Word of Life.
We’ll send you there to find a wife.

But God had someone hid away
And Rick had to wait day after day.

Then on to College and still no direction
So back to Bethany with God’s protection.

Serving the church and serving the Lord.
But so unhappy and so very bored.

What shall I do? He used to say.
And Pat would say in her knowing way.

For every Jack, there’s a Jill.
If one won’t, the other will.

Great, said Rick, but when and where?
Hang on Rick and don’t despair.

But God had someone hid away
And Rick had to wait day after day.

And wait he did until one night
When there appeared a Glorious sight.

Look! He said, the girl for me.
She’s pretty, She’s smart, her name is Cindy.

Here was Someone God Hid away
No more waiting day after day.

It didn’t take long for us to know
Rick had acquired a special glow.

And when we saw it wasn’t one sided,
Everyone got real excited.

The Date was set and finally arrived
Here sits Rick with a wife at his side.

Tonight we salute Rick and his wife.
May God bless them all of their life.

Pat Anton, June 1985.

It was a precious gift to us.

Pat and Chris Anton


*”The undoubted grandeur of really bad poetry” (http://universitydiary.wordpress.com/2014/03/11/the-undoubted-grandeur-of-really-bad-poetry/)